Do you want iPhone, iPod or any other gameing console or mobile or even TV for almost doing nothing? If you do then you should join Xpango! (Referral ID: 92461247 )

You have three options to get free stuff.

  1. You can get credits needed for your item buy completing offer. I know that first tought after reading last sentence was ” Aaaah… i have to pay again to get items free”, but i can make you happy. There are lots of free offer for you to complete.
  2. Second way is getting referrals. You get 1 credit for each referral you get. You will get the credit when your referral finishes atleast one offer and they dont care what offer it may be free or not free.
  3. This is the baddest way to get credits. You can buy clix and for every 250 clix you buy you will gain 1 credit.

I talked about credits but didnt tell you what these credits are. Credits are needed for items you want. You can choose multible items and then gain credits to there.

Here are some examples.

  • Apple iPod touch 8 GB = 17 credits (Only 17 referrals!)
  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB = 45 credits
  • Nokia N8 = 30 credits
  • Samsung Calaxy S = 35 credits
  • XBox 360 250 GB = 20 credits
  • PSP Go = 16 credits
  • Apple iPad2 = 39 credits
  • Apple TV = 10 credits
  • Samsung 40 inch Full HD 1080P HDTV = 42 credits
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