I would be very pleased if all you guys reading my blog can vote at my two polls. I need these votes for my school work.


first one:http://www.pollportal.com/use-poll.php?id=732

Second one:http://www.pollportal.com/use-poll.php?id=731

Thank you all for voting.

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PeopleString is site where you get paid 0.5$ for every referral you get. And minimum payout is 25$. you will be payd once a month after you have reached minimum payout. Also you can make extra money from there when you start doing surveys wich are very easy and they pay very good! 😀


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This is site where you get paid for having fun, makeing friends, discussing, uploading photos and completeing tasks. The minimum payout is 10$. I know that it’s big but it comes fast and you get paid every month. And that how much you earn depends totally on you. The more active you are the more cash you will get.  I get usually 20-25 cents from there per day and that makes 0.2 x 10= 2$ and 2 x 4= 6$ for a month and if your even more active in there you will earn more. I have heard some guys getting 1$ a day in there and that means like 30$ a month. I recommend this site because its the easyest way of making money.

You can register to myLot by click this link:myLot

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This is another PTC site.  It pays you 0.001$ per click and minimum payout is 1$ . Also there are paid to sign up offers and these are the best money makers in there. You just go to list of sign up offers and choose the offer you like and then you can see more information about the offer. After competing the sign up you will fill in the fields needed on Clicksia and the owner of that offer will review it and pays you. Also you can get traffic to your own page by watching other persons pages. This is very good traffic maker to you site.

You can join that site by clicking banner above:

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Cats Rule PTC

Another intresting site i found today i hope it’s not scam. Actually im 99.9% that it’s not scam because i can see that owner of this site has put lots of effort in that site and owner of site is also a moderator in other site 😀 It pays you 0.0025 per advert and 5% of your referrals earnings.

minimum payout for upgraded members is 1$, but free members wil not get payout there but instead you can buy traffic to your site using this money.

Upgrade costs you 20.45$/year and i quarantee you that you will get that money back very fast.

You can register to that site by click banner above:

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Vcbux is a PTC site where you can earn 0.01$ per one click you make and minimum payout is only 2$. Im very close to my first payout and when i get it i will certainly post it here. Vcbux is very trustable because there are very many payment proofs out in the internet and i recomend it to you all.

You can register and start earning in Vcbux by clicking the banner below:


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This is a new site i discovered today and i haven’t been dissapointed. I like the site very much because you earn money for just for hanging out and chating with others.  Registering do this site is fast and very easy all you have to do is fill out some fields about yourself and you can start hanging out there.

You get paid automatically every month and the best thing is NO MINIMUM PAYOUT. You earn 50% of sites earning and this means the more we all hang out there the more site earns and the more we get.

You can register here:

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April 9, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to my PTC site here I will introduce you how to make money online just for viewing adverts, discussing online or writing articles.

Hope you like my site.

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